Beginning our 9th visit to Vietnam




Launching the Partnership Group on Social Protection and Poverty Reduction



Ho Chi Minh

The Little Sun School



Can Tho

Union of Friendship Organizations



Ha Nam

Cultural Center of Ha Nam



Da Nang

Da Nang Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital

Can Tho

This was our third trip to Can Tho. The first trip we delivered 50 wheelchairs for the children of the Mekong and the past two years we have been there to donate to the Can Tho Children's Hospital.

This year after we delivered gifts to the children at the hospital we visited the Social Works Center Orphanage of Can Tho. This place was amazing. Not only do they work with the orphans of the Mekong but they also accept children with Downs Syndrome and severe autism, giving them a safe and healthy place to live. We met one lady who had been raised in the orphanage, left it to work for 30 years and then came back to volunteer her time caring for the children. In a separate building was the nursery where they cared for the orphaned children under 6 years of age. One boy of about 4 who had no use of his legs below the knee, came running over to use, on his knees, to greet us as we arrived. He was a great kid who was starved for love, although we did have a small disagreement when he tried to remove the laces from my shoes. We were told the story of one of the orphans whose parents buried him in the road. An elderly man heard his cries and dug him up and brought him to the orphanage.

On our second day, we were taken to the Future School of Can Tho. Here kids with Downs Syndrome and autism were taught and given work training.

I cannot thank Ms Lan enough for all the help she provided in setting up these visits for us. It is a joy to work with her.

Link to The Union of Friendship Organizations